18 March 2013

I've seen fire and I've seen rain...

Actually it's more sun, snow, frost, hail, fog, flood (and other adventures) which seem to be the order of the day... well, OK, month if you must be picky! Please can we stop messing about and just get to Spring?

Oh well, I know that March is generally a month of mixed weather, even in a 'good' year (remember that old 'lions' and 'lambs' weather lore?), and it has certainly been pretty changeable around here recently.

I don't know about you, but I find that the prevailing weather conditions are fairly closely linked to my state of mind lately. And, this seems more the case these days than it's ever been - another sign that the fat lass is getting long in the tooth? I find that on the (all too rare of late!) sunny days my spirits rise and I feel more engaged with the day and more willing to make positive steps to maintain and improve my health.

Conversely, on days like yesterday, when it rained and rained and rained some more and never appeared to actually get properly light, I was miserable as all heck. It would have been quite easy to disentangle myself from reality, hibernate somewhere warm and cozy and head for the comfort foods. Thankfully, I had 'things to do' so got on with it, and since moving to low-carb life we don't really keep many of those old standby 'comfort' foodstuff around so that wasn't really an option either. Saved by pure serendipity.

Thanks to the rain, and the constantly waterlogged state of the land, this morning we woke to the return of the dreaded flooding, added to which there was frost (oooh, it felt decidedly nippy out) and quite thick fog, so I was a serious grump first thing. Now, just a few hours later, the sun has been shining so I felt more settled again. In fact, I actually looked forward to getting out at lunchtime today.

Now the clouds are rolling in again and, my mood is shifting to a darker shade once more. The forecast keeps changing, so I don't feel that I can predict how the next few days will go. It makes me kind of unsettled - almost a feeling of not being quite in control, in a funny sense, and I don't feel comfortable being this way. I feel like a weather vane - just reacting to the elements.

I need to find a way to change this and make myself more consistent, regardless of what's going on outside my window. I think it's time to consider setting myself a tangible goal. I don't want to lose any more weight though, so I'm just not sure yet what shape that should take. Time to get my thinking cap dusted off.

Onwards ever...


Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

just found your blog :)


Ann Bradshaw said...

My grandma used to call it the Blue Flu. So, now that you know it's there-and basically harmless, you can do something about it.

I'm learning to "just be". If I feel down, I just allow it to be like that. I'm finding my moods don't last long-the good or the bad.

So, maybe you should just say to yourself, "Okay-it's like this right now."

Good thoughts for you.

Jenn said...

The weather affects my mood, too. How could it not? Long days, cold air, bad weather, sickness....ugh. I'm SO ready for spring. I think I will feel so much better and I hope you do, too!

Leslie said...

Hi Deniz! Thank you so much for your helpful comment and links to my post today. Mostly because it got me over to your blog! I appreciate you sharing your experience, along with the encouragement that though it takes time to tighten the BS control, it will happen if I persevere.

I totally relate to your noting of the prevailing weather being linked to state of mind! If spring doesn't get here soon, (besides just by date!) I'm going to implode. Crap weather does make me want to hole up with comfort food. Thanks again - I'll be back to read - following you now!

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