20 April 2012

Random musings

There's a Polish saying 'Eat, drink and loosen your belt!' (though I can't say it in Polish) and I have to say they've got that spot on the dot. One of my work colleagues, a lovely lady from near Warsaw, brought in her all-time favourite Polish cake on her birthday and it was amazing. It looked beautiful (similar to the one in the photo) with layers and a hard chocolate topping, and it was delicious. Not overly sweet (thankfully), but boy!, was it ever filling - even the little slice I enjoyed. Ooooh, definitely time to loosen that belt!

On the avoirdupois front, things are nice and settled at the moment, which is a good thing. I'm still pondering that 'mis-perception' business but am pretty relaxed about it again.

Health has been a touch out of kilter recently (minor tummy upsets - grrr) so eating has been slightly mixed. Soup has been more attractive than just about anything else though, which can't be bad. My lovely hubby's home-made mushroom soup tonight :-)

I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward to heading off to the gym on Sunday (as is lovely hubby) as we've missed it. I'm also looking forward to the weather improving so walks become less soggy once again and also so that we have a good excuse to move from our daily porridge to Turkish-style breakfasts. I'll miss the porridge though.

I am all too aware that I need to give my winter legs some serious attention before it's time to move into skirts though. Yuck! Dry skin 'r us at the moment and I'm also a very hairy happening, if you know what I mean!

No real news, no traumas and nothing extraordinary either. Just life, and a good one at that. Onwards ever...


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