30 April 2012

More love...

Diane's recent post, over at Fit to the Finish, made me think and I guess it's about time that I celebrated something very important to me indeed.

Way back in June 2007, when he saw how serious I was about losing weight, my lovely hubby made a sweet promise to me. So, right from the very start of this journey I had something big and exciting to look forward to. This was that, as I shrank and most especially when I got to where I wanted to be, since there'd be physically less of me and just as much of his love to go around, I'd have more of his love per square inch!

Well, a funny thing happened along the way and it didn't exactly work out in quite that way in the end.

This is for two different reasons. The first of these is a bit hearts 'n flowers romantic and, some may think, a tad mushy. So if you are a non-sentimental soul, you might like to skip the rest of this post.

You see, I can quite honestly say that instead of there only being 'just as much love to go around', I am fabulously fortunate that my darling's love has expanded over the years. I am so very lucky in this respect. Diane talked about the added pressures which can sometimes be put on relationships when one partner changes significantly.

But not us - thankfully. And, as a result I'm receiving 'more love' in two senses (hmmm, that means it's at least double the niceness, if not niceness squared), and I have been doing so for some considerable time. First of all, this happened as 'me' shrank and then, secondly, as my darling's love has grown over the years. All together now, aaaaaw!

There's another strand to this 'more love' story too...

Over the last six to eight months (since about mid-summer last year), my lovely hubby has also been steadily losing weight. He's changed his diet and portion sizes radically and is now a slinky shadow of his former self. To date, he weighs around three and a half stone less than he used to. From a size XL around this time last year we are now buying him size M sweaters and, boy, does he look good in them!

His weight loss and the care he now takes with his diet has had a pretty dramatic effect on his health too.

Taking just one example, blood glucose levels. His morning fasting blood glucose levels are almost inevitably significantly below 6 mmol/L these days, and on occasions they can fall just neatly below 5 mmol/L.

I'd say that was pretty good going (ah, a mistress of the understatement is the fat lass!) and it means his diabetes (Type II) is under very much tighter control, thus reducing the risk of him developing any of the myriad and unpleasant complications this insidious disease carts along with it. He has way more energy too. I'd idly thought a month or two back that it'd be probably be quite interesting to see what his next review revealed, and true enough, his blood results from his last visit to the GP were excellent and continue to improve.

What's more, I would say that as his love has deepened over time, my love for him has grown too, so my precious man is now also in receipt of 'more love per square inch' from me... and once again  that's the niceness multiplied.

OK, you can take off that blindfold now, take your fingers out of your ears and stop singing 'la la la la'. The schmaltzy stuff is over. I'm not going to apologise for a second though... This post may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's pretty darned important to me :-)


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I read and loved every word! I love that you are closer now than ever before and that you are both on this healthy road together for a lifetime!

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