24 January 2011

Roller-coaster rides - again!

Well, I'm tired and cranky and emotional and really rather peed off with the whole thing. My eating habits have been abyssmal over the last week or two and my much-vaunted plans for exercise went right out the window once again.

Life has hit the fat lass with a welter of stress and she isn't standing up to it very well right now. Part of this has been family and health 'stuff', starting with long-standing worries about my Mum (most of which are not possible to resolve) and culminating in spending part of the early hours of last night at the local hospital with my lovely hubby, who was in substantial pain at the time. He's all sorted out now, sure, but I'm reeling from lack of sleep and, of course, from the worry.

The other thing adding to the stress is that three 'training courses' or similar (one of them work related so a very big deal) started in the space of a few days of eachother, each carrying a fair chunk of work to do 'in my own time'! My time, huh? When the hell is that supposed to be? It wasn't planned to happen this way but, after I'd committed to each individual course, the timing became a problem.

And then there's the whole work life balance thing. Balance? Don't make me laugh! It has been mad at work since the start of the year. I have a fairly complex project on at the moment which is not helped by (almost constant) interruptions. In particular, being interrupted to sort out an escalating verbal conflict between team members would not be my choice. Intervening between two supposedly grown men, both acting like spoiled brats when both were equally at fault, makes me soooo very sweet-natured. Well, it would, wouldn't it.

In summary, some days I've started off well but have overeaten later (comfort eating, I guess) to the point of discomfort - even if it was mostly 'healthy' food. Other days I seem to switch into 'get food away from me' mode, where the very thought of it makes me queasy. Understandably, this means my weight has been affected - going up the slope and down the slope, then up, then down. Subsequently, I find myself still somewhere in the region of the 60kg mark. Not where I was hoping to be.

Somebody stop this blasted roller-coaster. I'd really like to hop off now.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I've lost 84lbs but I totally understand the rollercoaster loss and gain stuff. I put on about 5lbs over the festive period and lost three of those but seem to be finding it hard to really make an effort as I keep rcycling those three pounds up and down over the last few weeks. So, I'm starting interval training - shorter bursts of effort with maximum results. I hate taking hours to work the old lard off so in addition to walking the dogs for an hour each day - which I consider free exercise because it doesn't feel like it - I'm going to get that metabolism of mine notched up a level. All the best from a fellow traveller!

Christie Mowry said...

You find the button and I will install it on mine and we can push it in unison! Something's gotta giVE!

Diana said...

Sorry about all the stress. I can totally relate! Seems like when I'm stressed out, I could care less about healthy eating. So I understand how you're feeling.

However, you still have your sense of humor. You're funny as heck. Hold onto the funny side of things. It helps. :)

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