04 January 2011

Back to working...

Yep, that's 'back to' in the employment sense and also in the weight loss sense. Happy New Year, folks.

Although the festive season wasn't particularly damaging and didn't add to my personal blubber collection this year (the scales are still fine, which is a real bonus and more than I deserve), I feel sort of run down and a bit out of condition and flabby.

To be fair, I didn't get the decent exercise I'd liked to have had during the holidays. I'm afraid all my plans for daily romantic walks in the snow with lovely hubby were somewhat trashed, what with him being ill. The walks I did have, or should that be slides and slithers, were not all that much fun (mostly shopping trips), even though they did keep me moving a bit. What between our place and my poor Mum's, lots of housework got done though, and every little does help.

Overslept a bit this morning (it was not a good night at all!) so a lovely bowl of porridge was right off the menu. A slice of seedy bread with low-fat Philly 'cheese' (OK, some packaged whitish stuff purporting to be cheese) had to do, rapidly washed down with a quick cuppa before dashing off to catch the bus. Made it. Phew!

My customary morning walk to work after the bus journey was nice (no, I didn't get to see the eclipse), but then it's been absolutely manic this morning so nothing at all at coffee break - not even a drink :-( That is going to have to change! 

Thankfully, a very welcome stop for lunch came at last, albeit working at my desk while it was munched. An Ainsley Harriott Szechuan Hot & Sour Cup Soup (pretty tasty for packaged stuff, warming and not at all bad at just 57 calories), a Pink Lady apple, which was gorgeous, and a small scraping of Greek yoghurt (that was the last smidgen in the pot). Shame I don't have time for a walk today but tomorrow... it's a sure thing.

I will probably have some pomelo mid-afternoon, then tonight will be home-made cauliflower soup and some bread and, probably, a bit of fruit.

It may sound funny but, after managing to avoid it over the holidays, it would be all too easy to start putting weight on right now. Several people have brought leftover Christmas treats in to share and it is tempting ('specially those delicious looking Belgian chocolates), but that isn't the way I want to start this new year.

No, I want to make a sensible start and get my motivation humming again. The rower will be my next add-in, then the abs work, and then...who knows, but it'll be something to move me forward!


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