10 January 2011

Going down?

OK fat lass, nice start - now keep up the good work!

A slowish start to 2011, so far, but into week two and I am at least moving in the right direction. Too early to start stringing up the bunting just yet, but...

Foodwise, things are doing pretty well. I really seem to have missed my healthier style eating, so lovely fresh fruit and veggies are being thoroughly enjoyed. Portion sizes are in fairly good shape, and those naughty temptations are (largely) a thing of the past. Even the fancy cheeses, which I normally crave and drool over, have lost some of their appeal, held up against a nice crisp Pink Lady apple.

Activity-wise, things are picking up slowly too - but that's a good thing. Knowing what has happened with me and my 'good intentions' in the past, I must always remember to take it one step at a time and not go exercise mad then find it's all too much.

The scales, bless 'em, are reflecting the sensible start and I just need to continue in this vein.

Let's hope this year brings some very welcome good news for us all, eh?


South Beach Steve said...

This sounds very much like my own start to the year.

~South Beach Steve

Patsy said...

Sounds like a very promising start! The first few weeks are always the most difficult, but once I'm on a roll, I need to remember not to take it for granted (my mistake in the past) and have a 'day off' from eating healthily - in my personal experience, that's led to weeks and months 'off the wagon'! :o(

Keep up the good work!

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