11 June 2010

More energy please

OK, where is the darned stuff hiding? I know I must have left it somewhere around here, but I can't find it at the moment.

I'm talking about my energy... or rather, the lack of it. In the last couple of weeks, ever since we returned from holiday in fact, I've felt dog-tired much of the time. Falling asleep every evening on the bus on my way home is getting a tad embarrassing! I've been putting it down to that bug (which recurred yet again at the start of the week, dammit) but am beginning to wonder if I'm merely being a wimp.

Maybe a restful weekend will give me some time to recover. Only hitch is that we don't really have a restful one on the horizon for a while. Ho hum, maybe I'd better just get on the rower and see if some work to get the blood circulating will do the trick instead.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Oh I know how it feels to be so tired. I hope you manage to catch some rest this weekend among your activities.

Fat Grump said...

Deniz, I think we get to an age where naps start to become part of our day!:) NEVER have I felt sleepy during the day and I almost see it as really indulgent to sleep in the daytime, but sometimes, I sit down and erm..just drop off! It's very strange! I know you are busy, so that could be the explanation, but if you are feeling constantly tired it might be worth checking with your GP if a blood test is in order? I often have to give myself an energy boost with a VitB complex tablet. It works for me. Hope your weekend is enjoyable. Try to put your feet up when you can.

Deniz said...

Hmmm, think it might be time to hit the multi-vitamin and mineral pills. Nodded off over the weekend too :-(

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