01 June 2010

Don't try this at home

Well, our holiday was fabulous and wonderful and marvellous and... more details later. I would say it's great to be back, but that wouldn't be entirely honest now, would it?

One thing of note. A remarkably effective weight loss method seems to be to pick up a bug while you are away.

Left home weighing 62kg and ate pretty well as normal (trying some lovely new things... in moderation) for the first week. Then, went and caught my friendly neighbourhood bug and instantly stopped having any interest in food at all thank you very much indeed, and came home weighing 59kg. Still sitting there this morning, in fact, I'm now slightly under the mark.

Felt like a very sick puppy indeed for a day or so.

Copious bottles of water (at room temperature - nooooo, not cold, please!) was the only thing which kept me going for several days. Even my beloved tea tasted 'orrible!

A week down the line and my appetite still isn't what it usually is. Is that a good thing, or a bad one? Can't make up my mind right now.

I guess it's progress, but hmmm, it's not a method I'd recommend. Mind you, even being ill couldn't spoil the great break for us.


Vickie said...

glad you had a good time (except for the sick thing).

I think the 'trick' to adding back foods is to NOT fall into the 'what in the whole wide world sounds good' thing and instead to add back very wise foods.

It might be a USA thing - but the trap seems to be to think empty carbs (in never ending quantity) are what is needed for tummy recovery.

I had a stomach bug a few weeks ago and could only handle egg white omelets and real oatmeal (with no milk) for days. And then added back veggies slowly. still being very careful of dairy - none at all if I have exercise and only small serving when it is a rest day.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

So sorry that you caught a bug while you were gone. I agree with Vickie's statement about adding in the right kinds of foods.

take care of yourself.

Deniz said...

Foods had taken the sensible, softly, softly approach until yesterday.

Sadly, the return to work (catching up with two weeks of hassle) had me hitting the chocolate yesterday, something I haven't done for a long time! As a consequence, the digestive system doesn't like me again.

Live and learn, eh?

Fat Grump said...

Sorry to hear about the holiday bug :( Yes, the only good thing that comes from it is a lack of interest in food. Mind you, going off your tea? You really WERE poorly, weren't you? ;)

Glad it was enjoyable all the same and welcome back!

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