14 April 2010

Gym delights

Went again last night and loved it. It was pretty quiet as it's still half-term, I guess, and that makes such a difference. Want to go again... now.

Have started to build up the cardio work again and I'll soon be back to what I consider 'acceptable'. Rowing (on lovely new Concepts) was bliss - smooth as silk - and I'm adapting to the new steppers, for all I still think the whizz-bang new kit is overly complicated to use. Having said that, I do like the elliptical (it's the 'spotty dog walker' to me - from The Woodentops when I was a kid) much more than the old ones.

The weights went well - even the chest press and shoulder press (which are my least favourites) weren't too awful.

One grumble (OK then, two). Firstly, I seem to have forgotten the finer points of my warm down and stretch routine. I think I need a little reminder so will ask one of the trainers next time. And the showers, whilst wet and warm(ish), were in complete darkness! Is there an energy saving scheme in place I don't know about?


Vickie said...

my old gym had a station with warm down pictures posted.

So there were about 12 things (done in order) and the pictures reminded the positioning.

Your gym might have something similar if you ask.

And the owner of the gym always said - if one only had time for one piece of equipment - the rower was the most bang for the buck - whole body. And I don't often hear bloggers mention it. Good for you!

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