24 February 2010

A little light...?

Well, I don't know what is going on with my weight. Hard on the heels of an 'oh my God!' shock, horror gain is an equally astounding 'say what!' sort of a loss.

This morning (for good or ill I still can't help but check it daily, she sighs sadly) the scales were back down to 63kg. Huh? What's going on here? No entiendo, non capisco, ich verstehe nicht or, to put it another way, WTF?

In my book, a mere two days to lose 3 whole kilos whilst eating fairly decent amounts of good fresh produce and doing some sensible exercise (but not going mad-crazy) does not compute. Does this mean my scales are having a bad hair day today...or did they have one on Monday, for that matter?

Ho hum, don't know. I'll try hopping on again tomorrow and see what surprises are in store for me then. In the meantime I can happily report that munching my veggies and staying clear of the bread and treats for a couple of days seems to be helping me feel a bit more like 'me' and less of a bloated blob. I feel that a small window of motivation may be opening up... I just need to push and squeeze to get onto the other side and really go for it! My next goal is still that magical 60kg.

Oh, and the bad news - and ain't there always some. I am going to have to give up my beloved salsacise classes (violins play and tears creep into my eyes). As much fun as it is, and I sometimes laugh so hard at my lack of co-ordination that I almost cry, my dodgy knee just cannot cope with carrying on much longer. This week I had to stop and give it a break on more than one occasion as it was howling. What's more, it stays very irritable for longer and longer. Not good - the fat lass concludes that the damage she's done to herself over the years of carrying excess weight is a permanent feature. Growl!

So, next term I'll be going back to the Chi Kung class, which is not a bad thing. It is definitely not high-impact and should be good for me. For my poor knee and for 'me' spiritually as well as physically. It does mean that getting back to the gym needs to move up the priority list a little more quickly too.


South Beach Steve said...

The fluctuation of the scale is one of life's greater mysteries in my opinion. :-) Just be thankful when it goes down, and not too hard on yourself when it goes up.

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