23 February 2010

Ditch those carbs and move that butt!

Why do I do this to myself? Stress really isn't a good enough excuse, is it!

Oh blast it, hell and other rude words. Last week was an absolute nightmare. It was a nasty, ill-tempered, angst- and worry-filled week and I'm really glad it is over. But, last week's bad news continues to roll over into this week because I have paid the (all too well-deserved) price for the poor choices I made. The scales shocked me on Monday morning when I found I had whizzed right back up to a thumping 66kg! Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I do, needless to say, have a fair inkling as to 'how' this extra weight arrived about my person.

Part of the gain is down to a period of semi-hibernation. Sure it was cold, OK it was a bad week. But, no getting around it, I was decidedly lazy and spent a whole week early to bed, late to rise - telling myself (and lovely hubby) that I was tired. My exercise plans took a back seat, so the fat lass has found that her 'seat' expands!

Then, looking back through my food diary (a miracle I kept it going last week!) I noticed a bit of a trend. A trend, that is, in addition to the large portion sizes and the obvious 'sins' I knew about even as I ate them. Last week I ate lots more carbohydrates than I usually ever do. Comfort foods again. Mainly in the form of bread, although some mashed potato, white rice and the odd cake/cookie slipped in there too.

Good bread (especially seedy, wholemeal bread) is one of my lifelong passions and, whilst I no longer compound my sins by adding butter/spread/etc. to bread, I still need to be really, REALLY careful about the amount I allow myself. It is oh so easy for me to get completely carried away - and don't even go down the route of bread still warm from the oven! Last week, bread 'in moderation' was not in my lexicon. Learn from this, fat lass, or rather 're-learn'. You used to 'get it' - so why aren't you 'getting it' now?

I also noticed that alcohol featured rather more prominently in the last week than is usually the case... er, just a wee drop to help me sleep! Well now, some vigorous exercise would have done the job rather more effectively, wouldn't it?

So, this week has started back on the road towards losing those, and some more, pounds. The rules are simple so I just need to remind myself of them and get back to 'doing it'.

Bread has been replaced (in the main) by chopped up fresh veggie sticks.

Alcohol has been replaced by a relaxing evening cup of herbal or orange tea.

Exercise has re-commenced, in earnest - walking, rowing, salsacise for now, and a return to the gym as soon as I can get my flabby 'seat' there.

Let's get that needle moving down again!


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