03 June 2009


Ah, that explains it then, the mutt was a precursor - looks like the black dog may have had cause to join me. Once he'd arrived, hot on his tail came one of those pesky summer bugs, leaving me shivering in yesterday afternoon's 25 degree heat with the rest of the world sweating in the glorious sunshine. Starting with a mild feeling of 'not being quite right', it came on fast until pretty much everything ached, right down to my eyeballs.

Just about managed to make it home, couldn't eat my dinner (nice healthy baked fish with steamed veggies too, dammit!) but hit the paracetamol and went slinking off to my bed. Even the touch of bedclothes hurt!

Still, my body appeared to know exactly what it needed. Alternating sweats and shivers, I slept and drank, slept and drank, slept and drank (with the expected consequence of an odd pee break) right through to this morning's alarm. Sadly, had to get up for a morning meeting with the boss or I'd probably be there now!

Still drinking gallons of water. Tea does not taste right at all and food is anathema. I've just managed to force some natural yoghurt down (chased by paracetamol) but what I really want is to sleep some more. I can stagger on until home-time but then I'm for my bed again. What a great start to my course this'll be.

Rowing this morning? Don't make me laugh!


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