09 March 2015

Oh bottoms... and other things

My darling lovely hubby and the fat lass took a day's leave on Friday for a nice long weekend (we had something planned that we'd hoped was going to be a pretty good thing to do). But oh wobbly bottoms, flabby bellies and unkempt toenails! [the words in my head are much more rude] Things did NOT go even slightly to plan.

That Friday 'nice' and 'positive' thing turned out to be a significant failure, right at the final hurdle (sorry folks, can't tell you yet what it should have been at the moment). On top of that hubby had a bad head and the sniffles and then I was the one to develop a chesty man-flu doodah! Needless to say, we both didn't have a cheery weekend with that stuff happening. We're both at work today (albeit feeling bleh), but several of my colleagues rang in and are off with the same chesty thing and I'm seriously peeved as that's now three bouts of feeling crook within a month! Listen you health gods, this is NOT supposed to happen!! Guess I must be run down - certainly feel like it.

Worse, our food plans went a bit awry too. We did eat what we'd planned (good 'ol keto plans stayed intact), but to be honest it wasn't really very nice. Various odd and unusual disasters ensued. Although the sauteed chicken hearts were nice, the beautiful heart-shaped eggs I cooked (or tried to) for lovely hubby leaked out around the mould into the pan and looked a complete mess. Broken hearted was definitely the feeling!

Then Sunday evening we tried the new Systema microwave steamer thingy for the first time - sorry, but we're going back to the traditional steaming on the stove-top method. The poor cauli was horrid!

Worse, we discovered that the lovely looking ham hock we'd slow cooked turned out to be more fat than meat... er, a lot more. And, as much as we welcome fat it wasn't quite what we had in mind and that's also kiboshed our weekday breakfast plans as no leftovers emerged after I'd disposed of all the slimy bits.

There were some silver linings - hubby lost a kilo last week (not that he needs to desperately but it's something he's been wanting to do) and we did have a few positive bits on Saturday. So just be grateful fat lass. Life IS good - you just need to think about what others are going through right now and remember how damned LUCKY you are.

All in all, though it was less successful that we'd have liked there are still enough of Mum's blessings floating around to rescue matters. Like the beautiful flowers (tulips and daffodils) we bought. Like the crisp frost this morning. Like cuddles from my darling man.


Lori said...

Too bad things didn't go as planned. That can often put eating in a tailspin, but you didn't let that happen. Not only, did you hang on to the keto plan, you found other positive things in your life on which to focus. Good for you. Life will smooth out again soon.

Chrissie said...

Shame about the offtrack weekend but at least you held it together! I just realised this morning that blogger seems to have eaten a couple of comments I've left on your blog so who knows if you'll ever see this...

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