05 January 2015

New Year off to a reasonable start?

Well, I think I'll label this festive season a success.

My darling lovely hubby and I had a super break, walking on the beach for hours on Christmas Day (cold, but beautiful), and with some absolutely gorgeous seafood to enjoy (oooh, that lobster!). As the whole period was pretty moderate overall, it didn't result in any weight gain. Thanks, methinks, to the joys of low-carb.

Saying that though, I'd still like to shed a couple of pounds and get comfortably back into the lower end of my 'happy' range, and get those flabby bits under some semblance of control. With that in mind, as of December 27th I'm pleased to say... er, I think I am anyhow... that I'm back on the rower in the mornings.

It's only 'I think' right now as things are still a bit of a mental battle at the moment (until dear old 'habit' gets itself together and kicks in). Especially true today, my first day back at the coal face. Stumbling out of bed this morning in the dark and chill of 5 a.m. when that blasted alarm clock woke me from a lovely, cozy, snuggly slumber and making myself get on the rower and 'do it' first thing was definitely a challenge!

Still, it is nice to know that I am actually walking the walk and doing it, and that the motivation to continue and ramp things up as I get a shade fitter is also there (fledgling as it is), so to paraphrase John Leyton just a tad...

When the mist's a rising and the rain is falling
And the wind is blowing cold across the moor
I hear the voice of my darlin'
The rower I loved and quit a year ago...

...Connie, remember me!

All in all I'm fairly happy with the start of the year, though I do rather think that I need to cut down on imbibing good whisky for a wee while... those single malts were too just nice over the break and that is a habit I don't really want to continue through 2015. Strictly weekends only from here on.

Onwards, as ever...


Chrissie said...

That sounds like the perfect Christmas Day to me - so jealous!
I do agree about the whisky though, I have to cut back on that sort of temptation too. How can it be so hard when the indulgence only lasted a couple of weeks? SOME habits don't take a month to form...

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