24 June 2014

Fabulous news!

After all the angst and delays, at last I have my darling Mum's wedding ring back from the jeweller, incorporated into a beautiful new 'modern' design band, set with diamonds. It looks a little bit similar to the picture (by the same jeweller), but not quite the same as mine has a more rounded-triangular profile than a traditional D-shaped, half-circle one (sounds awful but it's gorgeous) and it's set with sixteen beautiful little warm brown 'cognac' diamonds in the platinum. Think of the big cat family and the strikingly lovely spots on their plush furry coats.

The inner surface of the ring is actually formed by my Mum's ring, and you can see the contrasting gold supporting the platinum as you look at the ring from the side. So now, for the rest of my days, I will carry a little bit of my Mum and Dad with me, right next to my skin.

I am so happy I could burst, and I'll be both delighted and proud to wear it.

Weight and food are doing well at the moment and I'm quite happy with both. Excercise? Oh dear and darn it, it's not so good as I've 'done something' to my dodgy knee so am limping, wincing and using diclofenac painkiller gel just to keep going.


Nikki said...

Great news! What a nice way to remember your mother :)

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