06 May 2014

Ups and downs

Yep, life has these, doesn't it, and they can be a little perplexing.

Health status and coughing for one thing. I've decided that I don't appreciate this bug thingy, and really want it to push off now. One minute I seem to feel a lot better and I bark less, but then... whammo! The cough returns and I feel bleh again. I just start to consider a gentle return to the gym, but then... down we go and it's no way, Jose!

Other ups and downs relate to mood and positivity which, again, has varied somewhat erratically over the weekend. To set the scene - we are mid-downsize and clearout and I'm finding some aspects of this quite a challenge. The logical part of this fat lass knows we must do this (as part of planning for the future) and is fully on-board with the idea. Then, unfortunately, the emotional part of me takes hold and goes into a tail-spin about disposing of something trivial (with sentimental attachment sure) which I'd actually forgotten about until we hauled it out of the dust-balls and I clapped eyes on it again!

Another example is the needle on the scales, which has been both over the Bank Holiday too. It did, as I'd expected, register a small rise on Saturday and went up to 54.5kg... but (and I'm not complaining here) for no better reason than 'just because' it has dropped again this morning and the scale read 53.5kg (which I don't actually quite believe). Water retention? Actual weight changes? Who knows. Either way, I'm not fretting it and we'll just see what happens next.

Hey ho. Onwards, as always...


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