07 May 2014

Love at first bite

You'll have doubtless figured out by now that this fat lass absolutely loves the cruciferous vegetable family and will happily munch away on them given any opportunity. So I'm thrilled to bits that I've found another way to enjoy one of my favourites.

We buy cavalo nero whenever I see it, and usually we'll have it lightly steamed, or sometimes sauteed with panch puran spices in coconut oil. Yum! But we bought rather a lot this week, so rather than let it go to waste (a heinous sin in my book) I thought I'd try an experiment...

Hmmm, now it is quite fibrous, but does this really need to be cooked? What the heck, let's give it a go - so I removed the stalk and chopped it finely to try raw in a salad. Yep, that worked and it was great, so I have round two in my lunchbox with lots of celery, about an inch off a long pointy red pepper, mixed seeds and a little cheese, with a chilli, lemon juice and hazelnut oil dressing. Why did I not take a photo - it looks delicious.

Update: it was delicious! I think it might become a favourite.


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