11 April 2013

Oh pooh!

It has been one of life's 'interesting' weeks....

No sooner had I got back in the groove with my rowing, abs work and some more intense walking, I 'did something' to my right calf muscle on my way to work Monday morning. Not cramp - whatever this was sudden onset and felt like someone had driven a spike deep into the back of my calf. It hurt like a bitch and left me hobbling like a ninety year old for three days.

However, whilst it certainly slowed me down (a lot), I didn't let it defeat me completely. Hey, I live in a dead flat county so I can still manage a hobble, can't I. So, I still walked (OK, limped) every day, and I rowed... gently... every day except Tuesday. Even now downhill slopes are a bit of a challenge, and it 'pulls' to remind me, although stairs are a lot easier.

There's a 'but'. And the 'but' is that somehow my weight has gone up. Er, let's make that 'shot up'! Now I'm a bit baffled as I have been 'reasonably' sensible with food choices and portions. Maybe not perfect, but not off the rails either. And I've kept active, even if not as much or as fast as I'd like.

One thing which is different is my HRT medication. A couple of weeks ago my prescription changed, and I started taking Tibolone (Livial). Hmmm, the jury is out here. I am seeing a variety of differences - some manageable, some not so.

OK, OK, I know it's early days and I have to give it time, but... My mood hasn't been as 'serene' as lovely hubby or I (or my work colleagues, bless 'em!) would really like. I'm getting some major night sweats again (hello sleepless nights), some odd skin break-outs and I 'think' it may be having a detrimental effect on my weight. I'm prepared to hang in there, but have a review next week so we'll see what my nice GP has to say.

Stress (mainly at work) has been a bit of a problem this week too, but it really hit me last night, in the form of problems for my poor Mum. Thankfully, she seems OK once again and I 'may' settle down a bit weight-wise before I weigh 'officially' on Saturday.

Whatever happens will happen. I can look forward to a lovely day out in London on Saturday. We'll keep to low carb and will probably walk miles so a healed (or healing) calf is a bonus.

Oh well. Onwards ever...


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