23 April 2013

Bye bye Tibolone

Well, it looks like the Tibolone and I didn't get on in the docs opinion too. Funny though. She seemed a lot less bothered by the increased occurrence of night sweats (a.k.a. the fat lass is a human waterfall!) and the dramatic change away from my calm, peaceful moods (fat lass morphing into a she-devil) than she was by the little bit of a skin rash (which I'd thought trivial).

Anyhow, today sees Day 1 of a new regime - this time I'm trying out Premique, which is (apparently) a bit more similar to the old Prempak-C I used to take. We'll see how things go. Cross your fingers for me, eh?

And, on a different note... a sad fact, maybe... but not all is lost

It is a much mentioned 'fact' that ninety per cent of people who go on diets regain the weight within a year. I think that's pretty accurate - after all, I used to be regularly join that ninety percent all too often, following one 'diet' after another over decades.

But, stop and think about this for a moment. Sure, regaining is the majority - but that leaves ten percent of us (of which I am finally one and many of you will also be) who DO NOT regain what they worked so hard to lose. That ten percent is not to be sniffed at - we're doing better than the trend and it's worth looking at why this might be.

So what are we doing right?

Well, everyone will have their own story, but the US National Weight Control Registry studied the habits of the ten per cent of people who did keep their weight off.

Their study looked at people who had shed and kept off between 30lbs and 300lbs over a five year period, or longer.

Here’s what they did:
[comments in brackets are mine, and show what out of the list I do]

78 % ate breakfast every day.     [tick]
75 % weighed themselves at least once a week.     [tick]
62 % watched less than ten hours of TV a week.     [tick]
90 % exercised moderately for an hour every day (most chose walking).     [tick]

Hmmm, pretty nice to get confirmation that, for once in life, you are doing something right, eh?


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