24 July 2012

Super news - celebrating health!

And the good, brilliant, wonderful news is...

...my darling lovely hubby, who is now around four and a half stone lighter than he used to be (and looks terrific), has seen our GP and...

...is just about to come off meds for Type 2 diabetes!

Now if that isn't something fabulous to shout from the rooftops I don't know what is.

More love indeed!


Me said...

Congratulations for the improvement in your husband's health. May he live a long and happy life!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Congratulations to him! That is something that we all read about in health articles, but here is the proof that it works. I love it.

Deniz said...

Thanks for the lovely thoughts, chaps.

Health is such an enormously precious thing, and something of this nature makes every little setback worthwhile. Getting a chance to do something positive to influence health is a gift beyond rubies (and I'm really rather partial to rubies!).

We are so thrilled with this happening that I can hardly contain myself - I almost want to rush up to random strangers in the street and tell them!

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