09 July 2012

New salad idea

Wheeee, I've got a new salad to try for my lunch. It looks (and smells) amazing and I can hardly wait.

It all came about because my darling lovely hubby was pretty poorly with a sneaky little bug over the weekend, and completely lost all interest in food. He's still not really OK, and is still achy and tired out, but at least his temperature has reduced. He doesn't have anything like an appetite right now (nothing tastes 'right', poor lamb), but he's eaten a little bit and is feeling slightly less grotty this morning.

So, there it was - the lovely bag of crisp, ready-chopped veggies I'd bought to make a stir-fry on Saturday was languishing in the fridge, looking forlorn. I wasn't going to eat stir-fry by myself, and it would probably be inedible if I leave it until hubby is interested. All those gorgeous beansprouts, red peppers, cabbage, onions and carrots... just looking for a home.

Then it struck me. It needn't go to waste - this is the basis for a no-hassle Asian-inspired salad. Alright then - added some sweetcorn kernels, fresh coriander, more beansprouts and half a tin of tuna in brine. Also plopped in a dollop of my beloved chipotle paste and lemon juice for a dressing and mixed it all up in a big bowl. Well it looks the part and smells very appetising. What's more, there's enough for two days. A winner, if you ask me.

And the rest of life? Well, on the food front, things have improved a lot and I feel much more on balance (phew!). On the weight front, the news is also good and I'm down to just under my 55kg 'fighting weight' once again. On the exercise front though... still not doing well. Definitely room for improvement here and that's the next step in my cunning plan.

Wish me luck! Onwards ever...


Me said...

I like the term "fighting weight". I'd say I'm at my "tire kicking weight". Still some way to go. That salad sounds nice, there are some varieties of tuna that are really nice and the more protein you have the better, right?

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