15 June 2012

Sweet Thursday

Hmmm, this week's post was about to be called "Soggy and fed up" and then, thankfully, Thursday happened. And what's so sweet about Thursday, you may ask? Well, for a start the sun shone so I had a super lunchtime walk.

It really isn't a great summer, here in the UK, and it's been affecting my mood a bit. Oh, I've got so fed up with grey skies, cold weather in June, and unremitting rain. I wouldn't mind so much, but we still (apparently, and completely crazily) have a hosepipe ban as we are in a 'drought'!

We had a lovely weekend (if not too sunny), and even managed a day walking which was fabulous. However... earlier this week I had a couple of pretty bad days. I got absolutely drenched three times on Monday and was none too happy about it. I did at least get home to a lovely hot bath, courtesy my darling lovely hubby who'd figured out I wasn't in the best of spirits. That helped... a lot.

Tuesday was slightly better, but still... how can I word this? Ah yes, 'challenging' (actually, work stuff has been awful all this week!) so my cheerfulness seemed to take a hike and, well, you know those days when you just don't feel 'nice'? You do? Well, Tuesday was one of them - big time. Wearing exactly the same clothes as I've done in the past, and felt good in, on Tuesday I felt old, fat, worn out and frumpy.

My weight is OK, so it isn't that. After a few more treats than we should have eaten over the previous weekend I got up to a tad higher than I'd like to report - about 56kg. But I saw the change, have addressed the problem before it could get worse, hit the veggies and am making progress in getting that needle to move a little way back down the scale. Only a wee bit more and I should feel truly content with it again. My clothes still fit (some old favourites are even a bit too loose), but I.guess some more toning wouldn't go amiss. No problem, just something else to address :-)

Wednesday... well it was a day. Not completely dreadful, but not great either.

And Thursday? Well, still a (very!) challenging day at work, but Thursday was sweet, and the sunshine really helped.

It has reminded me that it's pointless to let things get on top of me, but way more sensible to kick up a notch and change things for the better. I have so much to be grateful for - my darling lovely hubby, my health and a welter of other things too. Hmm, maybe a post listing them might be an idea... soon!

John Steinbeck said that "Sweet Thursday is the day between Lousy Wednesday and Waiting Friday". Today is Friday and I'm waiting alright - I'm off to see my darling Mum in just a few hours time, and can hardly handle the wait!

Have a great weekend. Onwards ever...


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