25 June 2012

Sweet & Sour

Hmmm, that just about sums life up at the moment. The last week or so has been... mixed.

First the sweet stuff... I am delighted to report that my beloved lovely hubby is doing well and his surgeon doesn't want to see him for another six months. A major victory! Also, our weekend visiting Mum went pretty well and she was (er yes, I did indeed use the past tense!) doing really well.

Then the sour... on the way home from seeing her we stopped off and bought a little piece of Scandinavian (I think) coloured glass, and promptly left the darned thing in a coffee shop! They still had it, and kept it for us, but it's taken a loooong drive and a day we could have used for other things to retrieve it. Grrr.

Worse, my poor Mum had a minor fall after we'd gone (although she wasn't really hurt) and her all too fragile skin has broken out with a collection of small leg ulcers. She's seen the district nurse just about every other day since then. Not a good thing at all and I'm pretty worried about her.

I could tell a similar sweet and sour story about the last week at work, the weather and all sorts. And that 'all sorts' also includes my weight, which walloped it's way back up the scale over the week due to... yep, overindulgence and the age-old crutch of stress-related munching!

Mea culpa. I've recognised it, I've stopped myself (again), I don't like the result and... now to get it shifted... once again!


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