17 August 2010

Strange and unsettling comparisons

It's funny. Having expended so much effort and concentration in the last few years on reaching my goals, and bemoaning the status quo which seems to be the case these days, I've been brought up short to realise that much-coveted 'weight loss' is not always such a good thing.

A matter of a few days ago I was shocked rigid to realise that I've lost more in fat than my mother weighs in total. Considerably more. I don't say this in any self-congratulory way at all, but with a sense of utter incredulity. Indeed, most of this disbelief is absolute horror to realise just how little my darling Mum now weighs. Yep, we've been for another hospital visit.

I knew she was tiny. I knew she was frail. I knew she was built like a hummingbird... not even a wren or a sparrow. I also knew she was, because of various health issues, continuing to lose weight. What horrified me most was the realisiation of just how much of this has happened in the last year. The rate of change, unintentional change that is, is scary.

She now weighs a mere 35kg, and that's fully dressed with all the usual garments, a cardigan, outdoor shoes and an outdoor coat! OMG, that's only about five stone five pounds all told, so what does 'she' actually weigh without all that lot!

Less than a year ago we were fighting to keep her above six stone, worried that she'd dropped from six and a half, give or take, in a matter of months. Can't help admit it but I'm really rather worried for her. If you are the praying kind, or even if you aren't, spare her a thought... please.


Chrissie said...

Thinking of you both, best wishes to your Mum. I hope so much that she improves, and soon!

South Beach Steve said...

Saying a prayer for the both of you.

Vickie said...

I feel for you on this and will keep both of you in my prayers.

my mom fights to keep her weight ON too. And it is a real battle as she has a heart condition that impacts her weight. And she has to be very careful of sodium and fat and sugar, so it is truly hard to add pounds without compounding health issues.

I lost 80lbs which is about a 5th grader. And every once in a while I go through a day thinking about everything I do, and picture myself doing it with a 5th grader on my back. . .

Deniz said...

Yes, that picture of doing everything in a day with Mum's mass (plus a bit) on my back has occurred to me too.

Now I just don't understand how I managed life when I carried so much excess weight for so long.

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