24 December 2009

Brassica bliss

It's time to indulge myself at Christmas. "What!?" I can hear you gasp. "Has the fat lass gone crazy?"

Well, no actually. What I plan to indulge is my passion for Brassica oleracea, or one of the cultivars in particular... the good old Brussels Sprout. Not only are they the most festive of all vegetables, but they are delicious (especially now we've had some icy conditions, which always improves their flavour). Even better, they are rich in essential nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fibre and contain high levels of a chemical called sinigrin which may help prevent bowel cancer (thanks Wikipedia!).

There is something about the humble Brussel which makes me feel Christmassy just to look at it. That tightly wrapped little bundle of green goodness just waiting quietly on your plate to deliver the crunch and subtle taste of it's own, counteracting any fattiness from the meat and roast potatoes.

So, there they are, my little green friends. They're in my fridge and calling my name. Quietly at the moment, but come tomorrow...

Merry Christmas folks.


South Beach Steve said...

I must admit, I like brussel sprouts far more than I ever thought I would, as most of my life I just pushed them aside. They still aren't one of my favorites, but edible nonetheless.

Stephanie said...

I love your description of brussels sprouts, and I love THEM! They are quite expensive right now (over $4 per lb for the organic) but I have indulged twice so far this winter.

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