04 December 2008

The fat lass take on 'the good, the bad and the ugly'

Good stuff?
Onto the scales today and I'm down to 73kg - going in the right direction again. Yippee!

Ate my delicious porridge for breakfast, as ever made with 40:60 skimmed milk and water, then two juicy satsumas at break this morning. A fantastic (and very filling!) lunch of two small fresh multi-grain rolls with honey-roast ham (no fatty edges for me any more) and a handful of rocket. Nope, there wasn't any spread either. Then a low-fat blueberry yoghurt (the Muller one at 94 Kcal per pot).

More good = attitude. There is a box of mince pies and a box of chocolates sitting on my desk at the moment and I haven't even been tempted to take a peek.

Bad(ish) stuff?
Well, I did eat one Ferrero Rocher chocolate today - no, I didn't open that box on my desk. This was one of two left for me as a 'thank you'. The other one is still on my desk for a Friday treat.

And, as a bit of crunchy indulgence with my lunch, a bag of Ryvita sweet chilli snacks. Not too bad though as they taste quite intensely of chilli and are only 101 Kcal per bag. High in fibre too.

Ugly stuff?
Ah yes, the journey in this morning. Shivered and got soaked for 45 minutes in freezing rain at the bus stop, then a bus with no heating finally came. At least I got some exercise hopping up and down on the spot to try to keep warm. Then (just as you think it's safe...) we got stuck in heavy traffic! All in all I got to work a bit more than an hour late. It took a good part of the morning to defrost my feet too. Needless to say, the enjoyable walk didn't happen this morning, but I may give it a try tonight on my way home.

And, whilst one area of attitude is good, there is an ugly side too. I am, er, 'very unhappy' with a colleague. That's a polite euphemism for I'd cheerfully tear his throat out with my bare teeth! It feels like I'm being accused of something, and I'm less than impressed. Under other circumstances in the past I'd have headed straight for the chocolate to reduce the stress, but this time it isn't going to be that way. I am in the right here and I'm not going to let him get away with this. All together now "grrrrr"!


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