13 January 2017

Not the finest start

I know things could be worse, but the beginning of 2017 hasn't exactly been ideal.

A rotten throat bug wouldn't have been my No. 1 choice to kick the year off. Ten days on and two trips to the doctor later, the second to get the results of a throat swab (not bacterial so probably viral), this bug is finally starting to relinquish its hold. I still feel like a limp dishrag (and still ache too) but actually possess rather more of a voice today - something almost totally absent for a good three days. Mind you, according to my lovely hubby and his kooky sense of humour, I now sound like Fenella Fielding.

The doctor also gave me the results from a panel of blood tests I had before Christmas for another little worry. Thankfully, all reported back as 'normal', barring one. That's one of the clotting factor tests and probably explains why both my big toenails started to go black for no discernible reason (bleeding under the nail) for the festive season. Oooh, how pretty! Also, why I seem to have picked up a raft of unexplained bruises and why minor nosebleeds have been a regular aspect of the last few weeks. The doctor isn't particularly concerned though, so I won't fret unless things don't settle down.

Then today, a further joy. I had not one but two emails to tell me that my applications for the latest jobs aren't going any further. I won't type the words that popped into my head. Nothing like kicking the fat lass when she's down, eh?

Oh well, can't change it so just get on with it girl. Here goes - onwards and all that jazz. Things have to improve...don't they?


Enz said...

I find life to be so cyclical. Sounds cliche but always true in hindsight - always darkest before the dawn -and there is always someone worse off. Chin up.

Chrissie said...

Wow, it sounds like you've had a LOT to deal with on the health front lately. Hope the worst is behind you and you'll be back to normal soon. Is hubby pampering you as he laughs at your new voice?
Hugs and best wishes!

Deniz said...

I've been very much pampered (and not shown anywhere near enough gratitude). Thought I was getting better but throat has broken out in more blood blister things again tonight :-(
Arrrgh. Hope this doesn't mean it's coming back!!!
Cheers, Fenella the fat lass

Amy said...

It could be worse, you could have Donald Trump as your...(ahem!)leader. ugh. Hope you feel better soon!

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