02 November 2016

Holiday, and an update

Well, we had the most magical week away in a cosy cottage in the depths of Shropshire to celebrate the birthdays and anniversary. We walked a fair bit more than we'd anticipated, mostly because the weather was so kind to us we couldn't bear to stay indoors. There were fabulous, if somewhat hilly, walks in the beautiful colours of woodlands in autumn, right on our doorstep. Talk about blessings!We ate well too, but not all that much differently to the way we do at home as we took the slow cooker with us (good plan). There was an exception to this. Twice (naughty, naughty!) we walked down into the local village and had coffee and gorgeous home-made scones, nicely warmed, with lashings of butter. Delicious!  Nope, you are quite right - although not particularly sweet they were not even slightly low carb. Ah well, at a push they were at least relatively small scones, and partially offset by the steep(!) walk back up the hill to our temporary home.

Now we're home, I'm back to the Oxfam volunteering (and still loving it) and am looking out for 'suitable' paid jobs to apply for. There are a few things on the horizon that may offer potential, so cross your fingers, eh.

My weight, when I summoned the courage to step on the scales back at home, has gone back up to 56kg from my 55kg, but I'm not too worried about that.

Other news...

We plan to go to a gym next week for a try out session. It's ever so slightly scary as it isn't like anywhere we've been before - it's a serious bodybuilders and boxing gym, but they seem very friendly and welcoming and the fees aren't astronomical. Having talked to my sister about osteoporosis (which she has and my lovely Mum had) I can't help thinking a bit of weights work to build muscle mass and strengthen bone would benefit me - especially if I plan to come off HRT at some point in the not too distant future.

We bought ourselves a present while we were away, and enjoyed the fruits of its labour this evening. It's a cast iron mincer, and tonight's dinner was Shepherd(ish) Pie, made with our very own minced ox heart. Very tasty it was too, with a topping of creamy cauli mash. Lovely hubby says he had a fair old workout cranking the handle to mince the heart, too. Time to order a couple more ox hearts, methinks.

That's about all for now. Until the next time, it's onwards, ever...


Enz said...

Your holiday sounds perfect - thats my kind of holiday!

Rachel Smith said...

Sounds like a great time! And the Shepherd's Pie sounds yummy.

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