23 February 2015

Oh, do have a heart!

No, really. We horrify my poor sister as we both love to eat offal of all sorts (she... er, doesn't!) and quite often have heart, pig or ox, but usually in a casserole-type dish. This weekend we tried something a little different.

We sliced a couple of decent inch or so thick 'steaks' from a beautifully fresh whole ox heart I'd picked up in the market and griddled them (without any oil apart from what had been massaged into them) on a hot ridged pan to have with buttered kale.

Oh my! Darling lovely hubby cooked them a pefect medium rare, brown outside and moist and pink in the middle. They were tender and so, so tasty. What's even better? There's more, just waiting for us, in the freezer. Yum!

Just got to pick up more kale...


Lori said...

Interesting. I've never eaten ox, nor seen it much less the heart in the store. I love some meat though.

Chrissie said...

I have some sliced beef heart in the fridge I plan to cook this way - I've had Ox heart, but only slow cooked because it was bought diced. Looking forward to trying it!

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