19 August 2014

Got that holiday fever

You may not notice a difference since I'm not writing all that much these days, but I'll be away for a bit. Yep, we're on countdown and off for a week's holiday in a few short days... and it cannot come quickly enough. We plan to walk, and drink water, and walk, and drink the odd glass of 'something nice', and visit museums, and walk, and drink water, and... You get the idea.

I just can't wait to feel the heat of the sun warming my bones again - it's turned all autumnal here and I can't say appreciate it (especially on top of the darker mornings). Can't wait to stooge about people-watching at an airport for a while (which is all part of the happy travels fun), and can't wait to settle in to our hotel room and see our first Spanish sunset... preferably while sipping a small celebratory glass of the finest jerez (fino please). Am very mildly apprehensive about staying LCHF keto while away, when my Spanish is near nonexistent, but I'm sure we'll manage somehow. What the heck - can you say 'jamon y queso'?

Lovely hubby (who's somewhat black and blue at the moment after arguing with a hard pavement... er, and losing) keeps asking me if I'm getting excited yet. Hmmm, I'd say that's an affirmative!


Nikki said...

It's already autumnal where you are also? We've had lows of 10c at night here, but at least the majority of days are still warm and sometimes sunny. Sounds like you'll have a great time!!! You'll do fine with only Hola and Por favor :)

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