08 August 2013

Mind-games, mirrors and managing

Strange thing, this 'self-image' business...

I rather absent-mindedly got on the scales this morning, and was a bit surprised to see the needle had drifted a tad down again... and yes, my darling hubby, before you ask me, I HAVE been eating properly!

However, my today brain is saying quite firmly otherwise and I'm having one of those days where mirrors and reflective shop windows are ganging up on me and I feel like I've somehow slipped back in time a few years and turned back into being Ms Podgy McBulky.

You got it. I'm feeling F-A-T.

Thought I'd be able to convince myself that I wasn't by trying on something 'small' while I was out at lunchtime. Well, it fitted OK, but dammit - that didn't convince me either. Ho hum.

Aside from that, how am I doing? OK, I guess. Better than yesterday on the human waterfall front - I haven't got teary yet today.


Deedra said...

Our self image is so skewed, isn't it? I have these "moments" of almost near panic..."do these pants still fit the way they did?" "is my poochy belly poochier?" And so on... my hubby gets frustrated with me, I'm sure, but my brain still doesn't comprehend what I look like in the mirror. I still, most days, don't see it. My eyes focus on the problem areas and there are days I just feel fat.

Hang in there... you're not alone!

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