11 June 2013

Still here, still OK

Hello folks. I'm still here... although you might well have thought otherwise since it's been a while.

I've been away on a well deserved and eagerly anticipated holiday, and wonderful it was too. Relaxing, with fresh air, the very best company I could wish for (it was just the two of us), loads of walking and good, wholesome, home-made low-carb food. Who needs eating out when you can cook up a storm... so we did just that.

That means we both got back from holiday at just about the same weights as when we set off. A rather nice feeling. I do have to admit to consuming a tad too much red wine and Woodford Reserve, but it wasn't completely over the top and, hey, we were on holiday.

We also had the sunshine (praise the Lord) and it was SO beautiful. There was still quite a breeze though, so it felt quite chilly at times... and this brings me to my second confession. The fat lass (and lovely hubby) did a very silly thing. We 'forgot' it was June, we 'forgot' the sun was strong, and we went out on a five hour walkies trip (cliff paths and beaches) wearing short sleeves and no sunscreen.

You'd have thought two sensible grown-ups would have known better, eh? Er, nope. Guess what? We fried!

In fact, neither of us actually even realised it until we got home and decided various bits and bobs felt a tad 'warm' and 'tingly'. When we checked later on, we'd both turned a delicate shade of lobster! Ah well, a week down the line and the red turned to brown, which was lovely, but we're both now peeling like snakes! Non-venomous ones, of course.

It did us a LOT of good to get away. The stresses and worries of recent weeks faded into the background for a while and we remembered how to relax. We slept properly too, which was a real bonus.

Life has a tendency to hit you again when you get back, and the worries about my Mum are still ongoing, but I do feel at least a bit better able to cope with it all again.

So, it's onwards ever...


Deedra said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday - even if you did become a lovely shade of lobster! :)

I took a picture while in Foca that reminded me of you...if you have an email address you want to share with me, I'd be glad to send it to you! :)

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