08 November 2012

Bumps in the road

No particular reason for them to have materialised and nothing 'specific' to report on, but a general malaise. The last few days have seen me dog-tired, to the point that I've had to haul myself out of bed with a general lack of energy and enthusiasm. OK, so there's been a touch of sleeplessness and a smidgen of the black dog meanies but nothing 'real' to hang my grumpiness on.

I've kept on with the walking each day (and got soaked doing so too, but that wasn't too bad), and with the exception of today am still rowing in the mornings, which has been 'OK' (ish) but the abs work seems a chore. Ho hum. It's probably just a case of the 'here comes winter' blues.

Food has been fine, for the most part, and I've picked those couple of pounds back up (with the able assistance of butter and cream!), so am back at a 'comfortable' 54 kg (eight and a half stone) but now feel 'heavy' and slightly bloated. Huh - there's just no pleasing this fat lass, is there!

If I'm honest, right now, I'm fed up and tired of the whole subject of weight, and food, and carbs, and choices, and remembering to be 'sensible'. I feel like a holiday from it all, but I'm pretty sure this would be a recipe for disaster.

Instead, I need to get my focus back on the positives in life and, yep, they ARE there. I just need to 'see' them once again. We're off to see my lovely Mum at the weekend so maybe that'll help.

Onwards ever...


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