04 March 2011

Fitter, but holding steady

OK, let's give you the good news first. The daily dose of walking, rowing and abs work definitely means I feel fitter and a bit more energetic and rather more like my old self. Yippee!

But... oh, and isn't there always a 'but'? But... my weight is pretty much unchanged. Pooh! says the fat lass. OK, being realistic, that isn't too surprising as I've still been eating outside my 'weight loss' zone.

Right, that's the physical side of things. Mentally though, things ain't that grand and I feel like I'm really going through the mill. The stress is ongoing, and has been compounded by some major worries for my darling lovely hubby's health. I won't go into detail but the problem, er... actually problems plural, have sent me into another tail-spin. I've shed more tears and been more shaky and out of control in the last week than for a long time. This has not been good - not good at all.

Once we have some more concrete information to work with about the problems themselves and the possible solutions available, things may be easier to handle. Appointments and tests and all-sorts on the horizon. Wish us well and watch this space.

Thankfully, and I really don't quite know how, I seem to have been able to keep myself away from the really unhealthy snacks (a.k.a. crisps and chocolate), despite my customary response (dare I call it 'old' behaviour yet?) of eating crap until the scary stuff gets hidden. That said I have probably been comforting myself a bit too much with those 'healthier' snacks like fruit and yoghurt. My bread consumption could do with being cut down a bit too. Not perfect behaviour, I know, but better than the alternative.

Well, I'll keep trying and keep at it and keep a good old Blighty 'stiff upper lip' as much as possible. And, showing those grey hairs, as Howard Jones (remember him?) sang way back in the 1980s "Things can only get better". So, here are some instructions for life to think about. Thanks to Anjie for these.


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