13 October 2010

Human failings

Oh dear. With feeling more human again and eating more normally as a result, I seem to have moved completely to the other end of the spectrum and been really rather silly.

What with catching up from the infection (which still hasn't gone completely), worries in family life, travelling at the weekend, good old Mother Nature's monthly surprise, some seriously long/busy work days and a lot of stress (and yes, I do know that is just the way life goes) I've craved... and given into, so eaten... way too heavily from the carbohydrate storecupboard and ingested more sugar and salt than I usually would in a month!

Fresh veggies and fruit seems to have been set aside in favour of warming 'somethings'. Why, for heaven's sake?

It may be too, with the weather turning colder, that I've been unthinkingly switching into a semi-hibernation mindset and 'stocking up' for winter. That really has to stop - I do not need to carry my own insulation around with me. That's why the good Lord gave us sheep... to make woolly sweaters!

Whatever is actually behind this, I can't say I feel great 'cos that would be a lie. I feel tired and heavy and leaden and unenergetic... and pretty sheepish right now! I also feel fatter - something that my waistbands and bathroom scales would agree with! Just a shade UNDER 60kg has become just a shade OVER 60kg, and if I don't stop this in it's tracks...

C'mon fat lass. Get a grip and turn this around. Hop back on the rower, even if it does make you cough, and walk EVERY lunchtime! You can do it.


South Beach Steve said...

I'll second that - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Vickie said...

make soup!!! reprogram those winter stores thinking - think soup - homemade so you can control the sodium - lot of veggies.

Deniz said...

Aha, Vickie, you read my mind. I've put in a request to lovely hubby for home-made veggie soup for dinner tonight. I love it and if we have too much it's lunch for tomorrow.

Yep, I CAN do it, Steve, you are right. I just need to get back to being focused!

Fat Grump said...

That's a timely reminder for me too. It's all about focus and doing the right thing with regards to eating and moving. Why, oh why, are certain foods so comforting?
Enjoy your soup :)

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