22 July 2010

Fluctuations and losing the plot

Bottoms, bottoms, bottoms... and big fat wobbly bellies, while I'm thinking about it! Sorry about that - had to get it off my chest. Er, a word of warning... there's some serious moaning coming up. Oh dear, having not written anything for a while, now this. It might be a good point to navigate away from here to some place more cheerful.

On a positive note, those blood test results came back all fine and dandy so my thyroid would appear to be firing on all cylinders. Trouble is... I'm most certainly not. So what's the problem exactly? Well, I can't really put a finger on it and that's part of the problem. I'm just not on top form at the moment. I still have no energy, feel run down (although nothing specific in the way of symptoms apart from the reappearance of cold sores!) and am constantly tired. Falling asleep at the drop of a hat seems an integral part of my life right now. Please don't tell me that it's because I'm fifty - I have no intention of 'retiring' in my head and won't accept that this is reasonable.

But, this lethargy/lack of energy is now getting to the point where it's affecting me both physically and mentally, and making me quite unhappy (OK, for this read grumpy and bloody miserable).

A point where exercise has become rather a trial, not a pleasure. I'm not even finding all that much joy in my walks at the moment. Some of the time even they're almost a chore I do because I 'ought to'. At least I am still walking but... as to anything else exercise related, nah! Firmly onto the back burner and with no foreseeable prospect of raising much enthusiasm, it would seem.

Food-wise things things have gone a bit awry too. A shame, because the weight business had seemed to have settled slightly. A bit more than a week ago I'd got back down to 60kg, which was great. Sadly, this week's weigh-in isn't quite so great. A very hectic week with my eye off the ball, followed by an indulgent weekend away (don't mention fish & chips... please) and I'm seeing 62kg on the scale again.

This is not good. I have to get myself turned around before this turns into a downward spiral. I do know that, honestly. I need to push myself to get moving again and sort out my food intake to get those lbs off.

I'm talking the talk... but I just don't seem to have the energy or enthusiasm to go for it and walk the walk too. Anyone care to give me a smart kick in the pants?


Patsy said...

Glad your results came back fine. Sorry to hear you're still feeling so run down, though... I recently had a REALLY bad mouth ulcer that got progressively worse over a couple of months and nothing I used on it would work.

Eventually I decided to start taking a high dosage of vitamin C to boost my immune system and it cleared up within 2 weeks... Could be worth a try?

Vickie said...

did they check other things in your blood too? And I would suggest looking back at calendars and blog postings and the like to see if you have cycled through this other years. It took my asthma/allergist saying - 'you always call me in late July saying you have elephants on your chest feeling and no energy' to figure out I have an allergy/asthma trigger this time of year that requires preventive care. I realize you are in a different part of the world and it might not be at all what I have to watch here, but I am saying, in blog land, women often do have secondary conditions that cycle through and they don't realize it until they go back and read previous years.

And I am 49+ with energy, so I would not buy that 'you're 50 thing' either.

Fat Grump said...

All I can say is - you have been BRILLIANT at walking the walk! Look at the success you've had! The moods and listlessness you've described I can really identify with. It seems that every day I am looking for some sort of inspiration to kick start me. I am no example to anyone, but you ARE!

You are now a slim and fit woman...a plate of fish and chips is just fine every now and then! I think the constant monitoring of how we are living just becomes tiresome at times. See what's happening to you as a bit of a 'calm'. If you were at sea there'd be no wind in your sails. I am on the same boat but I am aware the wind can pick up again. The doldrums aren't forever. Sometimes we have to go with it.

I am glad the blood test results were good. I suspect your batteries need re-charging, that's all.

You know the theory, you have put it into practice, and you've succeeded. Work your way back up slowly, and be kind to yourself.

(Oh - and 50 is no age at all!)

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