04 May 2010

Things to think about

It's been a mixed few days. The bad stuff first, then I promise I'll shut up and say something positive but I really do want to get it off my chest.

First, and by far the biggest thing in seriousness, is that just weeks before their wedding my youngest niece's fiance came home to some very sad news on Sunday. He'd just returned from a work trip to the continent when he had a phone call from his sister to tell him his mother had been rushed to hospital as she'd collapsed and wasn't breathing. They went straight to the hospital but his mum never regained consciousness and she died within the space of a couple of hours. That poor, poor lady... and her poor family, who now have to deal with losing a beloved parent so unexpectedly. I've never met his mum, or any of the family apart from my niece's fiance, but it makes me want to weep.

Then there's my older niece. She has a health problem (actually, she's recently had it confirmed that she has ME) which she is dealing with to the best of her ability so she can remain in work for as many hours as is feasible. She's been doing fine, until now. Her boss called her to one side just before the weekend. This boss, despite the involvement of my niece's GP and occupational health, appears to assume that my she is being lazy, or something similar, and used terms like 'reduced pay' and 'dismissal' during a less than pleasant conversation. Really supportive employer, eh? Especially given that my niece works for the NHS, who should know better than any that stress exacerbates the condition. I'm not even going to start on what I'd like to do right now, but it isn't nice.

Then there's that Icelandic volcano. I find I'm fretting that it'll kick off again and ground us before we even get to set off. If it does, so be it, but I can't help but have this niggling concern. Ho hum.

I said I'd say something positive though, didn't I? OK, two things. I spent half an hour or so taking in the waistband on my favourite work trousers at the weekend so the darned things stay on me without resorting to an uncomfortable belt. Am rather pleased with the job I did - and no seamstress me! Then my scales, despite continuing problems on the digestive front which made me assume I'd not lose anything this week, tell me I've dropped to 61kg. I've walked a fair bit but not exercised much beyond that, but I guess I've eaten sensibly enough to make the difference.


twenty4ten said...

Did you see my late comment on your previous post?

Vickie said...

Even though you didn't know her - I am very sorry about the death in your extended family - I really feel for families when those things happen too.

I am not sure what 'ME' is - ?

I have a son in Europe right now - he travels on the weekends and has been having trouble with flights. For some reason his Italy trip is cursed - every time they get ready to go - ash kicks up and flights are cancelled.

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

How truly sad about your niece's fiance’s mother. And, honestly, your older niece’s boss sounds like a complete idiot.

Having to take in the waistband of your pants is very good news indeed, Deniz! :-D


Deniz said...

Thanks for your support folks. Just an update - ME is Myalgic Encephalopathy. It's also called 'post-viral fatigue syndrome' and affects my niece as extreme tiredness and weakness after minimal activity. She's lost a lot of weight because of it (neither planned nor necessary!) and it's affecting the whole of her life. Not fun, bless her.

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