31 July 2008

Review my starting point and begin again

First of all, I WILL NOT kick myself too hard or for too long about this three-month 'fall' off the wagon. I've come such a long way already that it isn't a total disaster, more a break in proceedings. I just have to pick myself up, dust my attitude down and start all over again.

And the overall damage? Well, I did, just about, get down to 76.5kg (in fact I hit 76kg very briefly) and I'm now back up to around 79kg, after a series of problems. OK, that isn't good but given an almost complete absence of exercise and some very silly food choices things could be a lot worse.

I need to come up with (or invent!) a definite target to aim for. October seems way too far away to focus on so it needs to be closer than that and something concrete. Time to think this through seriously.

Then, about the food I eat - I will get back to :-

  • thinking... before I eat and making positive choices, not sliding back into old habits
  • eating slowly and taking time to enjoy every forkful (put that book down, girl)
  • eating only what I actually enjoy (don't like it = leave it)
  • reducing the portions I dish up (broad white margins to every plate!)
  • common sense choices - back to sensible substitution of 'naughty' items
  • cutting down on salt again (not that it's been too bad actually)
  • upping the amount of water I drink and choosing fruit teas over coffee or tea
  • increasing the amount of fruit and veg I eat - it's summer, it's fresh, I love it!
  • treating myself to really nice fruit for little snacks ('no thanks' to crisps & biscuits)
I will still allow myself the odd glass of wine or a small treat... BUT, just a little bit and taking time to actually enjoy it.

And then there's the exercise part of the equation! I need to get back to the rowing machine and abs in the mornings - starting off gently and building up gradually. Back to the gym too - even more carefully to begin with. And until Chi Kung starts again in September I need something to fill the gap - a return to my walks in the Botanic Gardens maybe?


the janitor said...

You'll not give up now - you never give up!

By the way, did you realise that forty in Roman Numerals is XL?

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