26 February 2008

Typical days II

About 5.20a.m., when the alarm rings, it's time for the rower. I'm currently up to 400 strokes per day, takes between 15 and 16 minutes, but it is getting better. The abs crunch instrument of torture takes another five minutes or so, then shower and breakfast - usually muesli and skimmed milk - and I actually enjoy it now!

Off to catch the bus for work and get off early for my walk from the far end of town - about twenty five minutes and definitely brisk. Drink a pint of water as soon as I get to work, and fill my glass at least twice more during the day, more if I get a chance.

My customary apple at break, then at lunchtime walking for another hour - some stepping out and some just ambling around the Botanic Gardens appreciating nature's beauty. Back to my desk and usually a small amount of cottage cheese, sticks of carrot, celery and sugar-snap peas for lunch, generally with some berries for a dessert. OK, I know it would be better to concentrate on the food, not work and munch but forsake my walk? No way!

Then when it's time to go home, another ten minute walk to the bus, then walk from the far end of town - another 25 minutes stepping out.

A relatively healthy evening meal - still keeping to smaller portion sizes (although I could still do more here), with minimal fat and lots of lovely steamed veggies. An occasional Mini Milk for an evening treat and, rarely, a glass of something alcoholic. More water before bed.

I'm determined to keep this up although I'm still regularly struggling to keep from being disappointed at my slow progress. I try to keep the positive changes in mind but still want things to move more quickly and sometimes get quite despondent as there's still such a long way to go. Still, it took years to put on the weight and get so unfit so I cannot expect miracles - slow, steady progress is still progress.


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