15 October 2007

Another milestone (sort of)

Was weighed again at the GP's surgery. I'm down to 90kg which means I've lost 5kg in the last thirteen weeks. I'm going to have to admit that I'm not overjoyed at this as I thought I'd done better, but the nurse assures me that this is good steady progress. It's hard to be cheerful about this but I need to get my expectations to be more realistic.

Let's have a look on the positive side. Since I started in June I have lost four inches from my waist measurement, slightly more than that from my belly & hips. There's an inch less of me around the upper arm and two and a half inches less around the upper thigh. Amazingly, my bust measurement has only dropped by one inch!

So, I've changed shape, lost quite a bit of flab and definitely feel fitter. The walking and rowing have both increased and I've signed up to start another set of Tai Chi classes after this one.

I have to have become a healthier person because of this and it isn't as hard as I thought (feared) it would be. The trick is to make small changes, gradually doing more as they become easier to manage. I've got to be positive and keep at this - it IS working and I'm already getting more love to the square inch.

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