11 June 2007

Mrs Wobbly

OK, enough! Can't handle being fat and forty-seven any longer. This carcass is well overdue for some attention and the prospects of arthritis, diabetes and heart disease loom on the horizon. Another thing, I've got a wedding coming up. I need an outfit and I'm fed up with only having the 'big girls' shops to look in!

No point trying another quick fix diet. They don't work. I have a wardrobe stuffed with the tee-shirts (XXL of course) to prove it! This time I've resigned myself to slow, steady weight loss and getting my flabby ass moving.

The starting point isn't pretty. I'm over fifteen and a half stone and only five feet four, making me a size 24 (and that's not loose!) and very miserable about it.

I've got something to look forward to: when I get there my husband says I'll have more of his love per square inch!


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