16 June 2010

The old, old story

Well, I'm really rather surprised today, to be honest, and I'm really rather delighted too.

We are well into June and, as I had a spare moment, I looked back at the very first post I ever wrote back in June 2007. That initial 'Oh my God! This is why I need to do it' one. Then I thought it'd be fun to read the June posts for each of the years since I started on this marathon 'journey for life'. Call it an anniversary waltz if you like.

As I'd expected, reading the old posts showed that the weight had indeed come off bit by bit as I moved from serious obesity to where I am now. It also flagged up a few of the struggles I've faced with my journey along the way. The difference between 'me' in 2007 and 'me' in 2010 is quite amazing, but we'll come to that later.

The 2007 fat lass was quite despondent about where she'd found herself and pretty scared about the future. But, thankfully, she knew enough to realise that yet another 'diet' was not the answer. She was also quite determind to change. So, she put her thinking cap on and set out a plan. She didn't have a great deal of confidence that she could 'do it' and succeed at the whole weight loss business. The obstacles to overcome seemed too great in many ways. She was even too scared to put down in writing the true highest weight she'd reached, although no-one else read the blog at that stage, and yes she did have a fair idea of what it was. She mentally shaved a good seven or eight pounds off that figure, even to herself. Nil desperandum though, she started the journey and got on with the job.
Note to present self: I reckon she earned her first gold star right then, just by starting that journey.

A year into the journey, by June 2008 she'd made some fair progress, including enlisting the help of a dietician, just to keep her on course (weight loss by name & shame?). Her weight had come down to around 78.5kg (12 stone 5 lbs) but she'd run into some pretty challenging hurdles too. Health problems were the biggest of these and she needed something drastic. That started with admitting the problem to herself and agreeing to take the GPs advice and use the very scary steroid inhaler. That really, really helped. Another gold star for the fat lass.
Note to present self: don't, don't, don't ever hide from health issues out of fear!

Two years on and 2009 saw the fat lass some five stone lighter than when she started, with much improved health and fitness. This was fantastic, although she still struggled at times and found it hard to keep that motivation going. But she never did actually quit - the stubborn old fat lass. The interesting thing is that she has begun to learn a bit more about herself by this point. One post says "I know that I shouldn't be too hard on myself ". Hmmm, these gold stars are beginning to mount up.
Note to present self: physical changes and mental ones too. Yay, that really is progress!

And now to 2010. The fat lass has come a long, long way. She's lost well over six and a half stone since she started on this new life of weight loss and improving health. OK, she still has her struggles and her bad days and still finds the journey difficult sometimes. But she has learned such a lot along the way and is a much happier, healthier fat lass these days. She is well aware that the journey isn't over yet, nor indeed will it ever be. The view may change, but the road goes ever on.

I mentioned something about the difference being amazing. Well, yes it is, so it sounds like time for a review to me.

June 2007
BMI 37.8 = Obese Class 2 *see note
Weight c.102 kg **see note
Bust 45"
Waist 39.5"
Hips 54.5"
Thigh 28"
Upper arm 14.5"

June 2010
BMI 22.3 = Normal
Weight 59kg (-43kg)
Bust 38" (-7")
Waist 27" (-12.5")
Hips 38.5" (-16")
Thigh 20.5" (-7.5")
Upper arm 10.5" (-4")

I think the body measurements give a good indication of just where the fat lass stores the excess blubber!

*Obese Class 2 - health guidance says that if you have a BMI of 35-39.99 your risk of weight-related health problems (even death) is severe. Yep, in 2007 it really was time to get serious!

**in Imperial measurements, this equates to c.225 lbs (16 stone 1 lb) at the beginning, down to 130 lbs (9 stone 4 lbs) now. Not a million miles away from a seven stone loss - I'm pretty happy about that.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so...

Wearing my most flattering blouse (I thought those stripes disguised my bulk quite well!), that was back then in 2007....

..and this is a very recent photo (in a similar pose) from the beginning of the month.


South Beach Steve said...

WOW Deniz! What a difference!

Vickie said...

Congrats that is a story of great progress!

If my converter worked right I think you went from
224.4lbs (102kg)
129.8lbs (59kg)

And I wondered how tall you are and how old you are.

Deniz said...

Thanks Steve - I feel a whole lot better! You may not be aware of it, but you have been a great motivator to me. Give yourself a big hug from me (and my lovely hubby will agree!).

Vickie - I'm 50... fast approaching 51 (she grimaces) and five foot four (if I stand up really tall). I could still do with losing a bit more flab around my middle, but I'm getting there :-)

Tricia said...


Vickie said...

I was thinking about what you said - when I rolled around to my first blog anniversary - I REALLY thought (that whole first year) that I would go back and reread - day by day. So on day one of the second year, I would look back at day one of the first year, etc. But I never did. My blog did not start until I was well into my weight loss. My blog very nearly missed my initial weight loss. It just caught the tail end of the initial weight loss and then was (mostly) the first two years of maintenance, and then my second weight loss (more weight, not the same weight again), and now back in maintenance again.

I am hitting 2000 posts later this week. So now WAY beyond going back to reread. At best, now, I go back and look for a specific post or topic.

But I really commend you for going back and relooking. I think that was interesting and positive and also sort of brave.

Very interesting post - it stuck with me all day and I came back to tell you that.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

That's amazing! I love that you have posted these pictures. Congratulations!

Fat Grump said...

Deniz - what a difference! You are fabulously slim now! Well done you! (I have the same sort of shape right now as you had in your beginning photo.)

It must seem strange in a way, walking around as a trim, slim woman? Are you aware that you take up less space, move easily and have less padding on your backside? Is that a delightful feeling? I imagine it must be! It must be so much easier to function too? I imagine I am doing OK now because I am fairly mobile and when I want to be active I can be, but in shedding all those stones you must feel as light as a feather? (Thinks: I suspect it's a gradual thing, this feeling lighter? I have yet to experience it!)

You're the shape I hope to be in a few years time. When I say 'a few years' I immediately become disheartened, but you've done this gradually and your efforts have been so worthwhile!

Deniz said...

Good question... hmmm, although I'm really delighted to have done it, it does seem strange.. even now.

It may sound a bit odd, but I still don't really 'see' it except by looking at the photos. Sure, the intellectual bit of my brain tells me I'm slimmer and lighter and so on, but my heart still thinks of me as the fat lass. I still move over to leave space for people to pass me when there isn't the need to do so (ingrained habit, I guess), still pick up clothes which are too big for me and still think I'm larger than I actually am. I guess the heart will catch up with reality one of these days but, for now, it keeps me on track so it's no bad thing.

I do 'see' that I move more easily than I used to (that's a nice feeling), and the difference in my breathing is nothing short of miraculous. I've carried (and needed) an inhaler for asthma attacks since I was about 14 years old but haven't needed/used it for a long time. That makes me VERY happy indeed.

Enz said...

How did I never see this post before?

You're awesome!!!

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