01 December 2009

A pretty good day

Today is one, but hey, what do I mean by that exactly - what have I eaten, what do I plan to eat, and how much exercise am I taking?

Let's kick off with the exercise, which isn't the best today, but is:

Rowing - today's stint was pretty poor at only six minutes but we lingered in a snuggly warm bed so I was running a little late. It's usually at least ten or fifteen minutes. Back to being motivated tomorrow.

Back & knee exercises from the physio - today was 60 clams with tummy muscles firmly engaged to strengthen my core, but no other exercises (bad girl). Same excuse as above.

Walking - so far today I've clocked up just about 12,000 steps and the afternoon is barely halfway through. I hope to add a good three or maybe four thousand more by the end of the day. That's pretty good so far.

But, there's bad news... I still haven't been to the gym, so the weights work is going nowhere right now!

Food (and drink) has been fine so far. In fact, I could probably do with upping the quantity a little when I reach my eventual traget, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. So far, today has seen me eat the following:

Breakfast was one small bowl of porridge (made with unsweetened, light soya milk), several cups of black tea (no milk). You are going to think I'm really eccentric... but my morning porridge is eaten from a bowl identical to this one, with a horn spoon topped with a Scottish thistle. For some reason this makes it taste super good!

During the morning I had a mug of tea and ate two small satsumas and a small handful (c.10 or 12) Shredded Wheat minis (with honey & nuts). Looked longingly at the fruit scones but decided that I'd leave it for another day.

Lunch has been sweet potato and leek soup (home-made by lovely hubby) and a Pink Lady apple. The soup was delicious and just what I needed after a very chilly walk.

Oh yes, nearly forgot... this afternoon just wouldn't have been such fun without another lovely mug of tea and two Malaco salty liquorice 'Swedish Fish' which I seem to have become addicted to! That's salt but not sodium, by the way (look it up on the link), and they taste even better than a choccy bar.

So far, I've emptied my 1.5 litre water bottle once and am halfway down bottle number two.

Dinner I'm not sure about yet but, knowing my lovely hubby, it will probably heavily favour the vegetables as we have a fridge full of plant life right now. Whatever we have, it is likely to be finished off with a little bowl of low fat yoghurt and fruit.

Yeah, I know. There are things I could do to improve. But I still think this is a pretty good day.


twenty4ten said...

It's chillied liver and kale. Fe salad! Don't go near a magnet.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

It sounds like you did have a pretty good day! I'm glad for you and I LOVE that bowl. We have bowls similiar to that for children, but I've never seen a pretty adult bowl!

John W. Zimmer said...

It is kind of funny but I never thought I'd have to work back into exercises. When I was young I took that for granted.

I've just started working weights and body weight exercises to my cardio (I've done cardio for two years) and I only do it about three times a week. Cardio in easier to talk myself into.

Wow 12,000 steps? I'm glad I don't count... sounds like a lot. :)

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