18 June 2007

Typical days

First thing (around 5.30a.m. when the alarm goes off) it's time to get on the rower for exercise 101. At the moment I'm only doing 6 minutes a day, but that's going up bit by bit.

Then breakfast - not an easy thing for me as I don't actually want to eat first thing. Still, I'm told it's important so cram down a bowl of Shreddies with skimmed milk. I'll get to enjoy it someday!

Off to work and the walk from the bus stop at the far end - only about ten minutes but better than nothing. Drink a pint of water as soon as I get to work. Eat an apple or banana at break - avoiding the chocolate, biscuits, scones and anything else tempting but unhealthy.

Either a roll and a yoghurt or a bowl of muesli and semi-skimmed milk for lunch. Then when it's time to go home, another ten minute walk.

A relatively healthy evening meal - trying to cut down the portion sizes, minimise fats and top up the veggies. It is hard to avoid the glass of wine or a beer though. I'm trying to keep it for the weekends but...

12 June 2007

Some house rules

This will not be a diet - they just don't work for me, as the last twenty years have shown all too well. By calling something a 'diet' it suggests this is a temporary state and that business as usual will return at the end of the dieting period. Every time I've dieted and lost some weight before, this is exactly what has happened at the end of the diet and the pounds (and stones!) have just piled back on later, usually bringing their mates along too.

This is re-training pure and simple, and should shape me and my habits for life - no more quick fix disasters.

On the subject of eating - from now on I will :-

  • think before I eat - make active choices, not just follow old habits
  • eat much more slowly and take time to enjoy the food in front of me
  • eat only what I'm actually enjoying (not liking it = leave it)
  • reduce the portions I dish up (get a smaller plate)
  • choose with common sense - swap high fat foods with healthier options (and the same goes for sugars)
  • cut down on the salt I'm eating (by a lot!)
  • cut down the alcohol I drink each week (and increase my water intake)
  • drink fruit teas more often
  • increase the amount of fruit and veg I eat - I like the stuff for heaven's sake!
  • pick some really nice fruit for those little snacks, not crisps or biscuits
I will allow myself occasional treats. So, no 'banned' foods for me this time around - if I really, really want to eat something, even if it's based on clotted cream and a sugar overdose, then fine... BUT a small amount of it only and taking time to actually enjoy the process of eating it.

I'll try to remember not to kick myself too hard or for too long if (and when) I fall off the wagon. It won't be a total disaster - just have to get back up and start again.

And then there's the big one for me - exercise!

Time to get back on the rowing machine - and stick at it this time. This means starting off for a short time and building up gradually - not trying to be Steve Redgrave on day one and giving up in disgust by day three!

Being more active means getting off the bus one stop early and walking just a little bit more. Once that feels normal - step it up some more, get off two stops early or find other ways to increase the walking.

It's about time I looked at an evening class of some type - maybe not step aerobics (tried it, hated it, stopped going!) or circuit training just yet, but something to get me moving more. It must be something I can enjoy or I'll end up dropping out and feeling like a failure again. Thinking cap on!

11 June 2007

Mrs Wobbly

OK, enough! Can't handle being fat and forty-seven any longer. This carcass is well overdue for some attention and the prospects of arthritis, diabetes and heart disease loom on the horizon. Another thing, I've got a wedding coming up. I need an outfit and I'm fed up with only having the 'big girls' shops to look in!

No point trying another quick fix diet. They don't work. I have a wardrobe stuffed with the tee-shirts (XXL of course) to prove it! This time I've resigned myself to slow, steady weight loss and getting my flabby ass moving.

The starting point isn't pretty. I'm over fifteen and a half stone and only five feet four, making me a size 24 (and that's not loose!) and very miserable about it.

I've got something to look forward to: when I get there my husband says I'll have more of his love per square inch!

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